The Children’s Health Guild is a volunteer organization consisting of fifty, primarily Lamorinda based, women who dedicate their time and talent to raise funds on behalf of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and George Mark Children’s House. Members commit to a four-year period of Active Membership to maximize their involvement and impact within the organization.

Board of Directors


2019 - 2020 Active Members


Kelly Angel
Alex Aranoff
AJ Brown
Lauren Bruzzone
Effie Casella
Tania Celante
Rebecca Ciccio
Beth Cleveland
Libby Dafferner
Jennifer DuBorg
Ashley Edmonds
Laura Forman
Charlie Gaulke
Hannah Goetz
Dana Gold
Ali Hartley
Katie Hejna
Amaya Hill

Jen Hill
Hannah Kim
Lisah Kmet
Sharon Koh
Meredithe Kreis
Ashley Labow
Kelley Lazzareschi
Christina Linezo
Hope Lucas
Julie Luker
Audrey Mao
Kacey Meredith
Jennifer Moeller
Taylor Morrill
Uzma Najmuddin
Kasey Patroni
Kimberly Prast

Kristin Preston
Kelly Rafferty
Trisha Renno
Dariana Ross
Wendy Rotblat
Erin Roth
Stephanie Sinclitico
Melanie Stewart
Mayra Tama
Natalie Taquino
Sheeva Van Gemeren
Liz Voelker
Peggy Walters
Erica Weber
Karen Wilson
Gina Witucki
Leslie Yrueta


2019 - 2020 Honored Active ASSOCIATES

Upon completion of four years of Active Membership in CHG, members then become Associate Members. In 2014, CHG launched a membership designation for interested Associates called “Honored Active Associates” (HAAs).  This program is ideal for members who have recently become Associates and those who would like to continue to stay involved in CHG. HAAs receive announcements on events and activities related to fundraising efforts as well as to social activities to re-engage past friendships. HAAs also help outreach to and encourage involvement from the broader Associate base, and participate in 1 - 2 informal fundraisers throughout the year.


DeEtte Baise
Michelle Berolzheimer
Kendra Britton
Amy Brown
Andrea Brown
Shannon Butler
Corrine Dugan
Blayne Feinberg
Lindsey Frase

Courtney Griffin
Alicia Griffith
Kendall Glynn
Mary Hawkins
Anne Holmes
Catherine Johnson
Kirsten Larsen
Amy Loos
Laura Pavlovich


Mary Ranzal
Katie Roberts
Annie Terry
Alexis Thompson
Melanie Walterspiel
Alice Warren
Elizabeth Watson
Hillary Weiner