George Mark Children’s House (GMCH) in San Leandro, California, is the first free-standing pediatric palliative care house in the United States. Founded in 2004, GMCH provides the comfort of home with the medical care of a top-notch hospital. GMCH exists to serve families with children who are chronically ill with a life-limiting illness and are seeking family-centered medical care that emphasizes quality of life in a compassionate, supportive atmosphere where kids can be kids and families can be families.

GMCH is a model for respite, transitional, end-of-life care, and bereavement support in a life-affirming setting. All services are based on the principles of pediatric palliative care, which aim to relieve suffering associated with life-limiting illnesses by providing comfort care, preserving the dignity and integrity of the child and family, and achieving the best quality of life possible. The organization's vision is that of a changed society in which no child suffers or dies in an institutional environment, separated from their family.